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The Freestyle Travel Show is a podcast for those who love free-flowing travel. It's a hitchhiking podcast, a couch surfing podcast and the #1 travel podcast for backpackers and anyone who wants to hear great tips and stories.

Host Kenny Flannery has been on the go since 2007, living a non-stop Hobo Lifestyle. In each episode he'll give updates on his recent rambling before launching into specific travel tips, stories and discussions with the people he meets on the road.

Some of his guests include long-time or brand new travelers, those in the field of travel-tech and simply old friends or characters he's met along the way.

Kenny's style of travel comes through in his insights and thoughts on travel, it's about time a good hitchhiking podcast came around. It's really a podcast about traveling by any and all means, whether that's hitchhiking, taking the bus, walking, hiking, couch surfing, camping and experiencing the world by any means. It's the Freestyle Travel Show!


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