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#69 - The Hopping Saga

Season 2 of Hopping had Kenny hitchhiking from Denver to Portland to visit amazing craft breweries, enjoy the spoils of the road, and deal with more drama than he bargained for. The episodes won't be released for several months, but you can hear Kenny tell about the adventure here, as well as what he's been getting into since wrapping up filming. If you haven't watched Season 1, you can do so for free on YouTube here: Freestyle Travel Show · #69 - The Hopping Saga Find good travel gear at -Get a $20 credit on Airbnb: -Free ride on uber: uberhobolifestyle -Get $20 off our Google Project Fi bill when you sign up with my code: TDW3EE You can also follow Kenny's adventures in several places: @HoboLifestyle on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube You can freely do

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