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#64 - Liz Stewart in Kansas City

Liz Stewart returns to the podcast to tell the next chapter in her journey, as Kenny catches up with her in Kansas City to start 2021. From her past two appearances you've heard how she organized the March for Marijuana in Alabama, then bailed on it and disappeared, got caught up in addiction leading to burning out in New Mexico before finally recovering. In this episode, you'll learn that recovery didn't last long and in fact, got worse since last catching up. Hear her story of how things spiraled down, the unique circumstances of meeting her current boyfriend, and how her five-year-old son ultimately got her back on the up-and-up. Freestyle Travel Show · #64 - Liz Stewart in Kansas City Find good travel gear at -Get a $20 credit on Airbnb: -Free ride on uber: uberhobolifestyle -Get $20 off our Google Project Fi bill when you sign up with my code: TDW3EE You can also follow Kenny's

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