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#83 - North Carolina to San Diego

Hitchhiking, buses, planes, more hitchhiking... whatever it takes to get from coast to coast on this trip from North Carolina to San Diego. Stayed with people who picked me up hitchhiking, camping, with friends, in free casino rooms, and ultimately at a house-sitting gig. Enjoy the adventure! Freestyle Travel Show · #83 - North Carolina to San Diego Find good travel gear at -Get a $20 credit on Airbnb: -Free ride on uber: uberhobolifestyle -Get $20 off our Google Project Fi bill when you sign up with my code: TDW3EE You can also follow Kenny's adventures in several places: @HoboLifestyle on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , YouTube You can freely download or subscribe to this show in many ways and everywhere podcasts can be found, check out: http:

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