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#62 - Minimal Travel Packing with Video Gear

Chatting about all the gear to pack while traveling while keeping your backpack under fifteen pounds (or at least as light as possible). There's a focus on cameras, microphones, drones, and other minimal gear you can pack to create videos and podcasts without weighing yourself down. Kenny also talks about the hurricane in Mississippi and wet hitchhiking from Florida to North Carolina.   Packing video: "Pandemic Pack" BivyPack video: Lightweight Video Gear for Backpackers video: Freestyle Travel Show · Minimal Travel Packing with Video Gear Find good travel gear at -Get a $20 credit on Airbnb: -Free ride on uber: uberhobolifestyle -Get $20 off our Google Project Fi bill when you sign up with my code: TDW3EE You can also follow Kenny's adventures in several places:

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